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Exciting news! At your urging, Gibson Electric Membership Corporation is taking steps to provide you with high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet service.  Gibson Connect, LLC was formed in June 2017. It is a not-for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson EMC.

Gibson Connect's goal is to ultimately provide high-speed internet access through fiber to all of our eligible members. This is exciting for our communities because fiber offers many benefits; it is reliable, extremely fast, and enables us to also provide telephone and possibly TV/video (if there is enough interest). 

How? You and our other members will drive our fiber construction plans. If you want us to build fiber to your home or business register today at Encourage others – your friends, neighbors and community – to register too! When a zone reaches the required participation level, our board of trustees will vote to approve the fiber build-out. Once approved, we’ll engineer the zone, order materials and begin construction.  As we’ve said, you’re in control. Zones that have the highest participation levels will earn priority.

Gibson EMC has a proud history of providing power to the people of this area; and we look forward to providing connectivity to the communities we know and love!

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