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Help Keep Lineworkers Safe

As you drive through your neighborhood, you may see fliers, signs, and more attached to Gibson EMC's electric poles. Besides being unattractive, cluttered utility poles make it much more difficult and dangerous for lineworkers to do their job.

Whether it’s in the middle of an icy winter’s night or during a summer lightning storm, our lineworkers climb poles during all hours of the day or night and in all types of weather maintaining and repairing equipment to keep your power flowing. 

They wear “hooks” that sink into the wood as they climb up and down the poles. These hooks are vital in giving lineworkers the solid hold they must have in order to safely work on the poles and lines that carry power to homes and businesses throughout the cooperative’s service area. Lineworkers must be able to secure their hooks easily into the pole, a feat that is difficult if they must navigate a sea of metal tacks and staples. And if a lineworker should lose his hold on the pole, he could fall and be seriously injured or even killed.

Nails, staples and tacks can tear a lineworker’s rubber gloves. If a glove is torn and the lineworker comes in contact with a live wire, electricity can find its way through the tear in the equipment and travel into his body, with fatal consequences. So, please don’t attach fliers or signs, basketball goals, birdhouses, or other objects to an electric pole and don’t landscape around the bottom of a pole. (If a lineworker falls, anything at the base of the pole could cause him more harm.) 

Your cooperative’s lineworkers already face serious hazards as they work to provide your electric service. We appreciate you doing all you can to help keep them safe. 


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