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Our Board of Trustees

Steve Sanders, Chairman, District 1

Steve Sanders
District 1
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Don Leathers, Vice Chairman, District 11

Don Leathers
District 11
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Keith Heglar, Secretary - Treasurer, District  2

Keith Heglar
District 2
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Bob McCurdy, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, District 8

Bob McCurdy
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
District 8
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Rana Buchanan, District 7

Rana Buchanan
District 7
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Keith Forrester, District 10

Keith Forrester
District 10
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Larry Hicks, District 4

Larry Hicks
District 4
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Tony Bargery, District 3

Tony Bargery
District 3
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Joan Mouser, District 6

Joan Mouser
District 6
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Richard Skiles, District 9

Richard Skiles
District 9
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Wray Pulliam, District 5

Wray Pulliam
District 5
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David Kimbell, Board Member, District 12

David Kimbell
District 12
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