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Over 50 kW Bill Diagram

1.  Account number: Your unique member number.

2.  On-Peak kWh: Energy used Monday through Friday,  noon - 8 p.m. (June-September) and Monday through Friday 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. (December-March).

3.  Off-Peak kWh: Energy used for all times other than those noted as peak kWh.

4.  Coincident kW: Demand that coincides with Gibson EMC's system peak for the month.

5.  Maximum kW: Highest 30-minute demand interval per month.

6 & 7.  Service Period: Shows the time period your bill covers.

8.  Previous reading: Last month's kilowatt-hour meter reading.

9.  Present reading: The latest kilowatt-hour reading that was recorded by the meter.

10.  Contact information: Please contact us if your information changes.

11.  Due date: The date your payment is due.

12.  Password: Access and pay your bill online with your Internet password. Your Gibson EMC password will appear on your bill until you access your account and create your own password. Once this occurs, your password will no longer appear on your bill.


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