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What is Pay-Go?

Pay-Go is a pay before consumption program and an alternative to Traditional Billing. 

How PAY-Go works

New or existing residential or GSA1 customers may choose to participate. Of course, applicable fees must be paid prior to the commencement of service. Existing members with account balances may pay either the account balance or utilize a debt recovery mechanism. (Call for details regarding the debt recovery mechanism.) Members with a Gibson EMC heat pump loan and/or water heater loan are not eligible for Pay-Go. 

With Pay-Go you pay for electricity in advance; and as you use electricity, your account balance decreases. A minimum payment of $40 is required for respresentative assisted payments, but participants may pay any amount or any time of the day or night using Gibson EMC's automated phone system or through this site. Payments may be made by phone or online using Check-by-Phone, or debit or credit VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

Should your Pay-Go account reach a debit or negative balance, your electricity will be automatically disconnected. Therefore, it is important for you to closely monitor your account balance. We make this easy. You can check your account balance online, opt to receive a low balance e-mail, text or automated phone message alert.Monthly statements are not sent to PAY-Go participants.

Rates and other charges

Members who choose Pay-Go pay the same electric rate, the same $5 membership fee, and the same connection fees ($40 during regular office hours and $80 after regular office hours) as those who choose Traditional Billing. In addition to the membership fee and the connection fee, a participant must also pay $40 toward his/her account balance. In other words, the participant pre-pays for $40 of electricity.  After set-up, there is a $40 minimum payment for representative assisted transactions, but there is no minimum payment for our telephone automated attendant transactions or for payments received through this website.

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