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Plan before you plant

Gibson Electric Membership Corporation encourages you to carefully plan the placement and selection of your trees.

Looking up to see if electric lines are overhead or calling Gibson EMC to check the location of underground electric lines can protect your safety, your electric service reliability and the beauty of your trees.

Trees that touch or fall onto electric lines can cause power outages, property damage, and personal injury. This is why Gibson EMC discourages customer-owners from planting trees near electric lines whenever possible. If you do plant beneath or within close proximity to an electric line, you should choose a species that will never exceed 25 feet in height. You should plant medium-sized trees, those that grow no taller than 40 feet, at least 40 feet away from the electric lines. And trees that are taller should be planted at least 50 feet from the electric lines.”

Contact Gibson EMC if you have questions about planting trees near electric lines. For additional information, visit or


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